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PRP Tissue Repair

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Rejuvenation

Non surgical procedure performed by a Doctor for facial and skin rejuvenation which uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth. Commonly used to enhance volume in the skin and face, PRP can also be used as an anti wrinkle treatment, a pain relief treatment for aching/stiff joints and to treat hair thinning or loss in both males and females.

How it works:

Our blood is made up of 4 components… red and white blood cells, plasma and platelets. In PRP, we take your blood and spin it in a Centrifuge which enables the separation of your blood cells and plasma & platelets. We then inject the plasma and platelets back into the area of your face (or area of concern) that requires assistance, enhancing the production of collagen and elastin (which is diminished by the ageing process).

Create the ultimate result with your own collagen!

Perfect for:

– Anti Wrinkle and fine lines
– Improve your complexion
– Even out your skin tone
– Restore volume
– Reduce pain in joints
– Assisting to restore the growth of thinning and hair loss in males and female (Baldness and Alopecia)

Pricing is confirmed in the initial consult depending on area and quantity required.

Starting from $440 per vial

How long will it take to see Results?

Each individual will see different results pending their current level of collagen and elastin in the areas that we are treating. There are many factors that determine the outcome in time frames however we like to say around 12 weeks as the body is following its natural and innate process of producing Collagen.

How much will I need?

Minimum of 1 vial depending on the area but once scheduled in for a free consult with Dr Zia, he will give you a full treatment outline, expectation, cost before proceeding with any treatment. Multiple Payment options are available.

How long is the Procedure from Start to Finish?

Approximately 45mins to 1hr per two vials.

Which Facial and Body areas can be Treated?

– Around the Eyes – Peri Orbital Rim
– Cheeks & Mid Face
– Thinning Skin on the Neck
– Jaw Line and Sub Malar
– Back of Hands
– Decolletage
– Other Body areas inc Knees, Elbows, Upper Arms & Post Baby Tummy
– May be combined with Lasers & Skin Needling

Are there any Side-Effects?

Minimal – Expect some swelling, bruising and redness for 12-24hrs following the procedure.  Some clients experience headache.

Modest – Some patients may feel faint.  A bruise at the venipuncture site may be visible for 2-3 days.

Persons with severe skin disease, cancer, chemotherapy, severe metablic and systemic disorders, and abnormal platelet function (i.e. blood disorders).  Anti-coagulation therapy and underlying sepsis HIV, some auto immune disease excludes the use of PRP.  Consultation is required to determine suitability.

What do I need to do before a PRP Procedure?

If the treatment is suitable for you following a consultation:

– Be well hydrated 48hrs leading up to the procedure;
– Reduce your Fat intake;
– Reduce your Alcohol & Caffeine intake;
– Stop all Omegas, Green Teas and all Supplements that increase bruising.


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